How to use your fridge more efficiently:


  • Keep your fridge set to between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius. Every degree lower requires five per cent more energy.
  • Use a special thermometer to check that the internal temperature is set correctly.
  • Position your fridge away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the fridge door closed as much as possible to keep the cold air in.
  • Provide good air circulation around the top, sides and back of your fridge.
  • If there is a condenser coil on the back of your fridge, make sure there is good air circulation around it and check the operating instructions to see if you should be keeping the coil clean. Restricting ventilation around the back of the fridge can use 15 per cent more energy.
  • Check the door seals with a piece of paper. Insert the paper in different positions around the fridge door. If the paper pulls out easily when the door is closed, you could be losing cold air through gaps. Replace the seals to prevent wasted energy and money.
  • Defrost the evaporator whenever excessive ice builds up to keep it working well. Do not use sharp objects to remove the ice.
  • Check with the fridge manufacturer to see if an insulation bag is available for your fridge.
  • Pre-cool food and drinks if possible before placing them in the fridge.


Note: The above information is aimed at portable 12V compressor driven fridges when running on battery power.

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