Almost every car or 4wd is fitted with a cigar socket, some will have an extra one fitted to the

rear cargo area for powering fridges, chargers, lights or other 12V accessories.

Although referred to as a cigar lighter socket they very rarely perform this operation and some vehicle

manufacturers do not even supply the lighter for the socket anymore.

The cigar socket takes two forms but both are the same size (internal diameter). They will accept a

male plug of 21mm.

The first type is the proper cigar lighter socket. This socket can be identified by the two spring clips

inside the socket that will normally hold the cigar lighter in place while it heats up, once the clips

get hot they loose tension and the lighter pops out. These sockets are normally fitted close to the

driver and are made using steel and heat resistant materials.

The second type is a cigar accessory socket. This socket is similar to the above socket but does not

have the clips to hold a cigar lighter. These are generally smooth inside to allow many differing

types of power plugs to be inserted. These sockets can be fitted anywhere in the vehicle and are

made using plastic and a steel insert. These sockets are not heat resistant and can not hold a

cigar lighter.

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