Many vehicles are becoming very cramped under the bonnet and there is no space to mount a dual battery system, also if you change vehicles every few years it could be an expensive exercise to fit a new dual battery system every time you buy a vehicle.

Portable dual battery systems are becoming more popular and there are a few on the market now, ABR-SIDEWINDER was one of the first the design portable dual battery systems.

Our first range was affectionately named after kangaroos ‘Joey’ ‘Flyer’ and ‘Boomer’.

All our portable dual battery systems are made here in Brisbane and are time consuming to make and test prior to shipping to our customers. The ‘Joey’ and ‘Boomer’ were discontinued due to the very high labour content to produce these.

The ‘Flyer’ has continued and is now in its 5th year of manufacture and up to MK3 in design.

When buying a portable dual battery system it is important to make sure of the following points, many of which are available not only in our FLYER but in other systems like National Luna.

1) The ‘Box’ will hold a large battery of at least 12 inches which will give you around 100aH of battery capacity.

2) The battery type and size is safe for inside vehicles and freely available. AGM batteries are preferred for this application.

3) The system is supplied with a charge cable of at least 6m so it suits any 4wd and this cable is of suitable size to carry charge current.

4) The system has suitable fuses or breakers to protect all circuits and cables.

5) The system has ample plugs and sockets fitted.

6) The system is fitted with an automatic dual battery isolator to protect the starting battery.

7) The system is easy to fit and is portable.

8) The system can be removed when not in use and easily maintained on a mains charger.

9) The system is supplied complete and ready to fit. (Batteries should be purchased locally close to home for warranty purposes.)

How they work ?

Just like a fixed dual battery system, when the car is started and the main battery reaches charge voltage the charge cable connected to the isolator allows the isolator to switch on and charge the battery in the portable dual battery system. Once the engine is shut off and the main battery voltage drops down to standby voltage of approx. 12.5V the isolator will switch off protecting the main battery from drain. The accessories connected to the portable dual battery system will continue to run leaving the main battery fully charged.

When not needed or at a camp site the portable dual battery system can be removed and either stored when not needed or used as a power source without the need to run cables from the car to your tent, etc.

Things to remember.

Always maintain the battery and keep it charged even when not in use.

Make sure the system is secure when fitted to a vehicle, cargo barriers are recommended and mounting brackets if available.

Like all batteries they require time to charge, so if flat it could take 3 or 4 hours to charge up again depending on use.

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