ABR-SIDEWINDER Laptop Charger and Cigar Socket Volt Meter

We have two new exiting products in production. These will be available in 2 to 3 weeks in time for school holidays.

1) 12V in-car laptop charger with USB port. This item has taken quite some time to source and is the most powerful and versatile in-car charger, supplied with 15 power tips to suit almost every laptop on the market and fitted with a USB charge port for keeping phones and other items charged while in the car. 90W max power suits every laptop and a wide power range from 12V to 20V is user selectable by digital LCD display.

2) 12V Cigar Volt Meter. This must be the easiest way to monitor a battery. Simply plug the unit into any 12V cigar socket for instant battery monitoring. Small and reliable with a bright LED display.

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