Our new cigar type volt meters are ready, these compact and simple devices are the easiest way to add a volt meter to

your battery or 12V power system.

In addition to simply showing you battery voltage the monitor can be used as a diagnostic tool on your battery and charging system by simply following the instructions included on the packaging.


Remove product from packaging.

Plug the volt meter into a 12V cigar socket.

Check battery voltage on the display..

Some cigar sockets require the cars ignition to be in the ACC position before they have power.


10V - 11.8V  (BAD) Battery is very low on charge.

12V - 12.3V (OK) Battery is ok to use for a short time.

12.4V - 12.6V (GOOD) Battery is in good condition.

12.7V - 14.4V (ON CHARGE) Battery is fully charged or receiving charge.

14.8V - 15.5V (OVER CHARGE) Charging system is faulty.


Remove from cigar socket if socket is not ignition activated to prevent battery discharge if car is not driven daily.

Keep out of reach from children.

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The cigar volt meter can also be used in hella type sockets using one of our Hella - Cigar adapters. (not included)