December holidays are just around the corner and it is a good time to check your basic 12V equipment to make sure you have an enjoyable holiday.

Batteries - Test all batteries including dual batteries and caravan batteries, make sure they are well maintained, clean and fully charged. If in doubt have them load tested or replaced. It is a good idea to test the capacity of the batteries to make sure they will power your accessories for any given time.

Fridges – Clean and test all fridges and fridge cables and plugs. Make sure the connections are safe and there are no loose connections. It is a good idea to run the fridge in the vehicle on 12V to make sure all is as it should be.

Lights – Test all lights and torches. Test all plugs and leads to ensure they are safe with no loose connections.

Charging Systems – Test all battery chargers. Solar and Mains chargers should be tested for serviceability and loose connections, pay particular attention to corrosion and moisture if they have been in storage.

Dual Battery Systems and Caravan / Camper systems – These should be carefully inspected for damage, corrosion, loose joints and voltage drop. It is important that the input voltage from the cars charging system is very similar to the charge voltage being received by the auxiliary batteries, any voltage drop of 0.3V or more should be investigated and faulty parts replaced.

Spare Parts – It is always a good idea to have a basic tool kit and spare parts. Common parts are fuses, wire, plugs, tape and always remember to pack your multimeter.

All electrical work and battery maintenance should be carried out by experienced persons, explosive gases and chemicals are present in batteries. There are also shock and fire hazards when working with electricity.

If you need any advice on the above please email us on sales@sidewinder.com.au


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