12V Portable Air Compressor

Caring for your portable compressor is very easy but is almost never done.

We recommend that every 3 or 4 months you do the following.

Please follow the steps in order.

1) Check the battery clips, wiring and switch – make sure they are clean, free from kinks, splits or cuts in the insulation and free of dirt. Spray some CRC or similar protective spray lubricant on the battery clips and wipe dry.

2) Clean the compressor and sand tray – make sure the compressor is completely clean and free of sand, dust and dirt.

3) Clean the air filters – remove the air filters, clean them with compressed air and make sure there is no sand or dust in the housings or casing. Spray a quick spray of CRC lubricant into the air intake and then replace the air filters. Run the compressor for a few seconds so the CRC can lubricate the reed valves and coat them with a protective film of CRC.

4) Check the hoses and fittings – inspect the hoses for kinks, splits or signs or perishing. Check the fittings to ensure they are clean and the seals are still in place and in a serviceable condition.

5) Test – Deflate a car tyre and allow the compressor to pump the tyre up to the correct pressure.

6) Storage – Wipe down all components, coil up hose and wire and store the compressor in its bag or box ready for the next time you need it.

Note: Any item that looks worn or perished should be repaired or replaced.

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