This week we have 3 new products added to our ever growing stock list.

1) Type 1 - Toyota light switch. (Prado 150 and LC 200)

2) Type 2 - Toyota light switch. (Hilux 2005 onwards, Prado 120 and LC 100)

3) AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter.

Switches and Buttons TYPE 1 Switches and Buttons TYPE 2 Each switch is supplied with a 30cm harness, a relay is also recommended. #Anchor3 Compact and easily fits in your hand. Storage Bag                                                         Test Probes and Temperature Probe #Anchor3 #Anchor3 This is the only test tool you need !  Combines an all purpose multi meter , Amp Clamp and a temperature tester all in one compact unit.  Reads both AC and DC voltage and current.  Great for testing all equipment for current and voltage. Home To return to the main HOME page click on this logo.