Pure sine wave inverters also known as true sine wave are now dominating the market. Modified sine wave inverters although still popular have limitations when timers and sensitive appliances are used for example a bread maker with a timer or microwave ovens with digital timers. We are now only sourcing pure sine wave inverters and will phase out modified sine wave inverters from our stock line.

We stock 2 sizes to cater for the recreational and trade market, both are 12V DC input (we do not source any 24V units at this time). The 600W unit is suitable for all small chargers, appliances and hand tools up to 600W. The large 1500W unit is suitable for all of 600W uses including large loads such as bread makers, microwave ovens, small toasters, fry pans, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and fridges. Make sure to check the specifications of the appliance to ensure it does not exceed the inverters rating. It is important to make sure that you have enough battery capacity or run the vehicle engine while using the inverter.

Both models have USB charge ports and digital display for battery voltage and load in watts. We have also fitted

2 power outlets for ease of use and spaced them so chargers can easily fit side by side. Thermo fan and wall mounting base plate is standard on all models.

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