ALDI Expressi Coffee Machine tested on ABR-SIDEWINDER 1500W Inverter.

I am often asked how to get a decent cup of coffee using 12V battery power, until now it has always been an expensive option using generators or large battery banks, inverters and expensive coffee machines.

With the release of the Expressi machines from Aldi for under $90.00 we decided to buy one and do a test using our 1500W Pure Sine Wave inverter.

We can now confirm that the Aldi machines work well on our 1500W inverters.

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ALDI machine available from Aldi stores for  under $90.00 produce a good tasting cuppa. ABR-SIDEWINDER 1500W Pure Sine  Wave inverter easily powers the  machine from a N70 battery.  When making more than 3 or 4 cups  you should run the cars engine to keep  the battery voltage up. Video Test on MRV70 battery, 4 cups made with no need to start the engine.

Anderson Style Cable End Socket - Weatherproof - IP65.

We are launching a new product soon, patents and designs are registered and we are finalising production on our weatherproof 50A plugs. These new plugs are fitted with silicone seals and a snap cover to keep them clean. They are a complete plug with lugs and springs and assemble in the same way as a regular Anderson style plug.

Great for cable ends, extension leads, trailer connections and machinery.