Smart Battery Protector Information:


Protects your 12V battery from current-draining devices, automatically cuts power supply when the battery voltage is below the setting. 10.5V, 11.0V or 11.5V (±0.2V)

Maximum working current 60A. Green and Red LEDs to indicate battery status. If the battery reaches an acceptable voltage level, power is restored. Easy installation.




Prevents battery discharge. Protects your battery against excessive discharge when using 12V accessories.

Designed to turn off accessories before they discharge the battery. Once turned off they remain inoperable until the battery reaches 12.8 volts again.


With 3 voltage settings you are able to fine tune your battery protection based on load and demand, ability to be connected to a remote on off switch, simple DIY and auto reconnect at 12.8V plus the ability to override any settings when needed on the units control switch. This device will protect your expensive batteries from damage due to over discharging them.


Instruction Manual
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12V 60A only

Q: Does the unit consume any power while in operation ?
A: Yes, the internal relay uses 0.20A while the load is using power.

Q: Does the unit consume any power after the set cut out voltage ?
A: No, only the RED led glows but this does not use any power to worry about.

Q: I think the cut out voltage is quite low, why is this ?
A: The cutout voltage is the under load voltage and as such should be set quite low.
    Read our Newsletter explaining this more clearly.