How to fit a remote control to your compressor.

These simple instructions can be used for any 12V compressor that uses a toggle switch and a relay. If the switch is a heavy duty switch with no relay contact me on how to fit a relay to your compressor. Most good quality compressors utilise a relay and don’t switch the high current through the switch.

1) Remove the circuit board from the relay housing and drill 4 holes as shown for zip ties.

2) Fit 4 thin wires as shown. (Download the Quick Start guide for more info)

3) Open the compressor switch box and expose the switch terminals.

4) Solder the thin wires from the remote relay terminals C-B to the switch.

5) Solder the remote relays 12V supply wires to the main input wires on the compressor, these are the wires that are connected directly to the battery. Make sure of polarity (+) and (-).

6) Tape up any exposed wiring and reassemble.

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