Basic Tyre Repair - Tubeless Tyre.

Every 4wd that travels off the bitumen should have a tyre repair kit and a compressor, this includes beach driving or any remote area where there is no easy access to tyre repair and tyre inflation services.

Most tyres are tubeless and this method will quickly and easily repair a tyre. In many cases you do not even need to remove the tyre from the vehicle, simply rotate the tyre to the puncture and perform the plug. If you have a tube tyre you can’t use a plug and the tyre needs to be removed from the rim and a patch or new tube fitted.

Follow these simple steps below to plug a tubeless tyre.


Heavy Duty Breakers

We now are stocking a heavy duty breaker for inverters and heavy loads.

Available in 100A, 150A and 200A.

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