Our popular FLYER Universal Dual Battery System is very easy for most DIY campers.

Intro: The FLYER is used when there is not enough space under the bonnet for a fixed dual battery or the dual battery is only required for a short time for holidays or if you plan on changing vehicles. The FLYER can easily hold a 120Ah battery and is fully automatic and portable.

Preparation: You will need our FLYER MK3 and a sealed battery, we recommend a 120Ah AGM battery. You will also need a means to hold the FLYER in place, you can buy our optional mounting bracket or make your own. Many customers simply use ratchet straps to hold the FLYER in position.

Fitting: The following fit out is on a 2011 Toyota Kluger. See the photos and notes with each step.

TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Our TPMS is back in stock, new technology and stronger signals to the whole range.

We have 3 systems available.

MB2 - Motorcycle TPMS - 2 wheels max.

MV4 - 4wd TPMS - 4 wheels max.

MV22 - 4wd + Trailer TPMS - 22 wheels max.

For most 4wd users the MV4 is the system of choice when traveling with no trailers as I do.

The MV22 is popular with caravaners and no boosters are required due to the high signal strength and extra sensors are available if required.

Find a suitable mounting place for the FLYER making sure you can  access all sockets and open the lid if needed. Use our optional bracket  as shown or make up your own tie down system. Next step is to run the charge cable through the vehicle.  Start from the back and feed the cable to the engine bay main  starting battery Most carpet tracks and upholstery panels simply pull off and it is easy to run the charge cable hidden and protected in these spaces. The supplied 10mm2 charge cable is long enough for any car or 4wd  and must be fed through from the back to the front as the Anderson plug is pre-fitted. Feed the cable through the rubber boot into the engine bay (No1) Mount the 50A auto reset breaker close to the main battery (No2) Connect the cable to the main battery (No3) - Take Care with tools ! Prepare your tie downs, fit a battery to the FLYER. Take care with tools and the weight of the battery. 120Ah AGM recommended and weighs 30kg. Place the FLYER in position and tie it down. Plug the charge cable into the 12V IN plug. Test the FLYER and you are ready to go. The MV22 is supplied with 6 sensors as standard. Home To return to the main HOME page click on this logo.