Supplying Power to the Roof for work lamps or any other reason.

Here is a small project I did on my Prado a while back. I needed a work light for setting up camp after dark on some of our trips. (All parts for this project are available on our website).

I have found the best place to allow a cable to  enter the cabin is behind the tail lamp. Remove a rubber grommet and pass the wire through  into the cabin. Make sure you have enough slack in the cable to do the required wiring to the switch.  (Note: Cape York dust from Toyota not fitting rubber grommet on 7 pin cable correctly) Cut a small hole in the grommet and refit the grommet. Seal the grommet if required. Use silicone to glue the cable in place. Use tape to hold  the cable until the glue sets, then remove. Tape removed. Fit switch / relay or other parts as needed. Complete the wiring on the roof. Test the wiring. Remove tape once silicone is dry. Home To return to the main HOME page click on this logo.