How to wire a volt meter using a 2 way switch


Instead of mounting 2 volt meters in a car with dual batteries it may be more cost effective and neater to use a 2 way switch and only one volt meter.

You simply need a volt meter like our dash mount type and our 2 way switch.

The (-) post of the volt meter is earthed to the car body or chassis.

The (+) post of the volt meter is connected th the center post of the 2 way switch.

The 2 outer posts of the switch are connerted to each battery.


Fuses are recomended 5A will do.

Instead of connecting directly to the main battery connect to the cars accessory circuit like a cigar socket or radio circuit and the volt meter will be switched off when you turn off the key. (2 way switch must be showing main battery voltage at the time.)

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