Summer is here and time to enjoy your 4wd.

Before setting off to that remote spot make sure you have the equipment and gear for the trip. This week I have put together some specials that also make great Christmas presents if you like planning in advance.

Here are a few snaps of a few remote places well worth a visit.

Specials are at the bottom of the page, enjoy.

Cooloola Beach - Quite soft at high tide - Sand tracks, tyre deflators, compressor and tyre gauge.

Oodnadatta - Compressor, tyre gauge and tyre repair kit.

Cape York - Recovery tracks, Compressor, tyre gauge, tyre repair kit and tyre deflators.

Birdsville Track - Cooper Creek - Compressor, tyre gauge and tyre repair kit.

Cape York - Gunshot Bypass - Recovery Tracks.

Note: I have listed some gear with each photo that we stock, it is recomended that you have additional gear. Spade, axe, snatch straps, winch if possible, spare tyres and best to travel in a group of at least 2 cars.



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