Kits are complete

Simply plug together.
Easy D.I.Y.
12v DC is supplied by the monitor.
No need to run extra wiring.
Color Waterproof Camera  and monitor fitted to Mazda 6 wagon
Color Waterproof  Infra Red Camera
Back up camera
All monitors are now
available in black only
Universal Monitor Bracket Included


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Screen size: 5.8 inches (diagonal length)
  • Type: TFT LCD monitor (16:9) display
  • Input: two-way video
  • System: PAL and NTSC auto-switching
  • Resolution: 480 x 234 dots
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Remote control and OSD menu
  • Contrast, color and brightness adjustable
  • View angel range: (left/right) 65 degrees, (top) 40 degrees and (down) 15 degrees
  • External Dimentions: 152 x 105 x 27


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Can I instal this system myself or must it be installed by a auto electrician ?

A. The kit simply plugs together and no need for a auto electrician. Very easy D.I.Y.

Q. What is height of screen including mount? Looking to mount on dash.

A. Screen is 130mm high when dash mounted.
Q. Does screen have additional video inputs? VGA or S-video?

A. The screen has 2 video and 1 audio input. Audio is RCA type and video is our own 4 pin design that has 12V out for the cameras.

Q. Is power connected by cig. Lighter output or hard wired?
A. You can power by cigar socket or hard wire it. We have made the 12V in as simple pug in type like a laptop.
Q. Can power be disconnected to screen? Would like to remove screen easily for security  J

A. The screen has a plug so yes it can be removed easily and the universal bracket has a camera type grub screw.
Q. What is the difference in vision between the two cameras?

A. Both camera's are IR night vision water proof cameras.
    The car cam is smaller and focus range is 0.5m to 100m and the van camera is 1m to infinity.
Q. Any advantage in mounting camera as high as possible?

A. We find mounting the camera anywhere above waist high is an advantage for dust and dirt. It also helps when lining up the trailer hitch.
1/3 Colour cmos camera
9 IR LED’s, 120deg vision