Wireless Tyre Pressure Management Systems MV22 kit is supplied as 1x Monitor and 6 sensors (Incl. Car charger - mounting system -  allen key locking system)  Monitor can monitor 22 tyres and extra sensors are available Tyre Pressure Systems Monitor TPMS  Tyre Pressure Management System.  A device used to monitor tyre pressures  and temperatures.  Real time information every 6 seconds.  Fully programmable.  Helps prevent blow outs, shredded tyres and excessive tyre wear.


Monitor vehicle tyre's pressure and temperature in real time.

Automatic sound and flash alarm six seconds after abnormal phenomenon appears, such as too high or too

low tyre's pressure or leakage.

Automatic sound and flash alarm six seconds after tyre’s temperature becomes too high (exceeds 75’C).

Temperature Measure Precision: ±3’C

The receiver and LCD monitor is integrated as a single unit.

The waterproof and dustproof sensor can be used under extreme conditions.

The tyre's pressure monitoring criterion can be customized.

The sensor's battery can be replaced freely. The normal life-span of battery is 2 years.    (Battery Model No.: CR1632)

Pressure measurement range: 0-188psi

Pressure Measure Precision: ±1.45psi

Sensor is designed as a separate fitting. It can be fixed on the valve, no need to disassemble the tyre when mounting.

Suitable for passenger cars, can monitor four wheels simultaneously.

Four options for pressure unit: PSI and Bar

Monitor must be hardwired to acc position of cars electrical system.

Sensors' operating temperature: -20’C ~ 85’C, Monitor operating temperature: -20’C ~ 60’C

Monitor size: 115mm×73mm×27mm, Monitor Signal Receiving Frequency 433.92MHz

Sensor Weight: 20g Dimension: 24 x 19.5 mm, Signal Transmitting Frequency 433.92Mhz

Sleep function on sensors. No movement for 20 mins monitor and sensors enter sleep mode to save battery.

When driving your car or 4wd, do you ever wonder if your tyres are set at the correct PSI to maximize your safety and driving experience?

If you do, then this is the perfect product for you. The MV22 TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is designed specifically to support 22 tyres and maximize your driving experience. Completely wireless with unique valve stem sensors for real time monitoring every 6 seconds.

This system comes equipped with a User-Friendly Graphic Interface that enables the driver to easily understand and maintain the vehicle in safe condition. This system is fully adjustable to fit your driving style and comes with an anti-theft option. TPMS helps maximize fuel efficiency and safety by eliminating driving on under-inflated tyres. Installation is a breeze and does not require wheel removal.


  • Eliminates driving on under-inflated tyres
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Does not require wheel removal
  • Unique valve stem sensor
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Real time pressure and temperature updates

MV22 in Toyota 76 Series Suction and screw mounts included TPMS could have saved this tyre TPMS could have saved this tyre Sensor on Toyota 76 Series Suction and screw mounts included


115 x 73 x 27mm, weight 132g.Clear LCD screen with automatic backlight has view size 80 x 40mm.


Powered by internal lithium battery recharged from vehicle power supply. Automatically shuts down when not in use and reactivates as vehicle is used. Charger input 12 to 24V dc.


Supplied with robust articulated mount with suction or screw fitting. Simple dashboard stand is also supplied.


Continuously cycles through all wheel positions and displays pressure and temperature for each tyre. Additional detail is displayed as required.


Bright red flashing LED, plus audible alarm. Audible alarm can be silenced by pressing any button.Distinct alerts are given for the following conditions:

  • Air loss (puncture etc.)
  • Pressure below user-set threshold
  • Pressure above user-set threshold
  • Temperature above user-set threshold

Warnings are also given if the sensor signal is lost, if a sensor battery is low or when the monitor battery needs recharging.


User selected. Pressure: Bar or psi, Temperature: °C or °F

The MV22 can monitor up to 22 wheels and displays the pressure and temperature of the tyres. When a trailer is connected, pushing a button establishes a wireless data link between the monitor and the trailer tyres.

Alert levels can be set for high pressure, low pressure, and high temperature, with individual settings for each axle on the tractor unit and a single setting for all the tyres on the trailer. Clear and distinct alerts are given for air loss, low pressure, high pressure and high temperature.

Warnings are also given if a sensor signal is lost, if a sensor battery is low, or when the monitor battery needs recharging.

The monitor has a robust articulated mount that can be attached to the screen with a strong suction pad or can be permanently attached with a screw fitting. The monitor is powered by an internal lithium battery, recharged from the vehicle supply. It automatically shuts down when not in use and reactivates as vehicle is used. It continues to check pressures once every hour while in the sleep mode so that warning of any problem such as a slow puncture overnight can be given immediately on starting up. It is supplied with a plug for the vehicle power socket and a fused connector that can be hard wired.

TPMS could have saved this tyre TPMS could have saved this tyre $335.00 incl 6 sensors.  $395.00 incl 8 sensors. PayPal: Add TPMS MV22 6 sensors to cart PayPal: Add TPMS MV22 8 sensors to cart