PayPal: Add CR1632 Battery to cart PayPal: Add TPMS Booster to cart PayPal: Add Sensor MV22 to cart Wireless Tyre Pressure Management Systems Tyre Pressure Systems Monitor Wireless Tyre Pressure Management Systems Max 22 Wheels Loose Sensors  Supplied with battery and screws $335.00 incl 6 sensors.  $395.00 incl 8 sensors. $42.95ea TPMS  Tyre Pressure Management System.  A device used to monitor tyre pressures and temperatures.  Real time information every 6 seconds.  Fully programmable.  Helps prevent blow outs, shredded tyres and excessive tyre wear. Signal Booster  Not normally required, please do not  buy a booster unless absolutely necessary. $65.00ea Loose Sensor Batteries  CR1632 suits all sensors. $3.95ea


• Nominal Voltage: 3V (3.0 Volt)

• Nominal Capacity: 140mAh

• Dimensions:

     - 16 mm diameter

     - 3.2 mm height

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