Our first year to visit of the Birdsville races. (No Horses) We decided to make it a boys only trip and I invited 2 good mates along. Frank and Jan. There has been some rain in the outback so some of the rivers look quite picturesque. Winorah to Birdsville 430km - (290 Km dirt road when this strip of bitumen ends) The sun was starting to set so we set up camp at Deon’s Lookout 3 hours from Birdsville. The area is very flat and stony. We set up our camp at the Birdsville Caravan Park close to the water. Our GP-100W Bi-Fold kept up with the fridge and lighting for the 4 days. Big Red was the perfect opportunity to test our new ‘PSV’ to reduce tyre pressures. Hot Air Balloon over Birdsville. Frank taking a walk. Bush camp repairs. A stray rock smashed our 7 pin plug and the wires were dragging along the road.  This had to be repaired as we had no electric brakes on the van without it. I will add more to this story over the next few weeks.  Regards Derek.