PayPal: Add Grey Battery Box to cart $119.95 Ea ABR SIDEWINDER BATTERY BOXES 12V Power Pack - Universal Battery Box Marine style battery box. No Isolator or charge cable supplied with these boxes Size:  357x205x235h / 255h (I.D.)  460x310x295h (O.D.) Recommended Batteries:  90 to 120 a/h AGM & N70 sealed batteries. Front view - Connection terminals, Cigar socket, LED battery meter and switch. Rear view - Hella socket with free plug, 2x 50A Anderson connectors. No battery isolator but wiring is in place should you wish to fit one later. 80A Maxi fuse for main protection, 20A ATC fuse for Cigar and Hella sockets + monitor. FLYER UPGRADES