Dash Type Volt Meter

These simple DIY volt meters offer quick battery management.

Fast, accurate voltage measurement. Easy to read LEDs.

Flush mount for professional finish.

  • Great for measuring aux battery voltage.
  • Great for measuring charge voltage from battery charger or solar.
  • Perfect for fault diagnosis.  
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • 12V/24V.
  • Weight 19g.
  • Connection. Spade type.
  • Size 36mm Diameter. Hole required 29mm.
12V - 24V - Volt MeterPayPal: Add SQ Type Voltmeter to cart$14.95eaMounting Option

For another mounting opton use one of our SQ Cigar housings to mount the volt meter to the top of a dash etc.

Housings are sold loose and dont include the volt meter.

PayPal: Add Surface Mount for Cigar to cart ABR-SIDEWINDER  Surface Mount Housing for sockets  2 sizes available Hella (Merrit) or Cigar UV stabilized Sockets not included Cigar Size $3.95 Ea